Meet Abby, the 22-year-old who wants to be the first astronaut on Mars

At the point when Abigal Harrison was 5 years of age, she remained in her terrace on a virus winter Minnesota night when the air was clear, gazing toward the night sky with a mind-boggling feeling of amazement and marvel. Her psyche swam with inquiries, she reviews. She needed to realize what the stars were made of and what number of there were. She needed to go to space.

At that time, she chose she needed to be a piece of adapting each one of those things as well as strolling in space and making revelations to add to the individuals who had preceded her. For the following six years, she told everybody who might listen that she was going to space.

To a great many people she told, space traveler was generalized with the likes of a similar gathering of unattainable dreams that contained superheroes and princesses as occupations

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