New England Patriots WR Antonio Brown accused of rape

New England Patriots wide recipient Antonio Brown stands blamed for assaulting his previous coach in a claim recorded Tuesday in a government court in Florida.

The New York Times originally announced the claim which blames Brown for three separate episodes of rape and assault against Britney Taylor, an acrobat he met while going to Central Michigan and later enlisted as his coach.

The Patriots reacted to the claim Tuesday evening in an announcement, taking note of that the NFL is investigating the charges.

“We know about the common claim that was documented before today against Antonio Brown, just as the reaction by Antonio’s agents,” the Patriots articulation peruses. “We pay attention to these charges very. Under no condition does this association approve sexual savagery or ambush.

“The class has educated us that they will examine. We will have no further remark while that examination happens.”

Subtleties of the allegations

The suit claimed that two occurrences happened in June 2017 and another in May 2018.

Dark colored is blamed for presenting himself to Taylor and kissing her without assent during a preparation visit in his Pittsburgh home in the principal episode.

In the subsequent episode, he supposedly stroked off behind her while the two were watching a faith gathering on her iPad in his Miami home and discharged on her back.

The suit guarantees that Brown boasted about that occurrence in base instant messages that were incorporated into the claim.

She cut off contact with Brown after the 2017 occurrences, yet consented to prepare him again after he guaranteed her the lewd gestures would quit, as indicated by the claim.

On May 20, 2018, the claim charges that Brown pushed Taylor face first into a sleeping cushion and “coercively” assaulted her in his Miami home following a night out with companions. She shouted “no” and “stop,” however Brown disregarded her requests and entered her, as per the claim.

Informer’s announcement

Taylor tended to the claim in an announcement gave to the Times by her lawyer.

“As an assault casualty of Antonio Brown, choosing to stand up has been a staggeringly troublesome choice,” Taylor said in the announcement. “I have discovered quality in my confidence, my family, and from the records of different overcomers of rape.”

She looks for compensatory and corrective harms “for the huge damage Brown brought about by this ruthless and savage unfortunate behavior.”

Dark colored allegedly plans to countersue

The announcement asserts that “any sexual cooperation with Mr. Dark colored was completely consensual” and that Brown had declined an encouragement to put $1.6 million in “the informer’s business venture.”

“Mr. Dark colored, whose diligent work and commitment to his art has enabled him to ascend to the highest point of his calling, won’t be the casualty of what he accepts to be a cash snatch,” the announcement peruses.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports that Brown expects to countersue Taylor.

Dark colored’s turbulent offseason

Dark colored consented to join the Patriots throughout the end of the week after his discharge from the Oakland Raiders following a turbulent offseason that brought about his never playing with the group. He joined the Raiders in the offseason by means of exchange with the Pittsburgh Steelers after a tempestuous separation with the group he has played his whole NFL profession with.

Dark colored still can’t seem to play for the Patriots, who opened their season Sunday night with a triumph over the Steelers. The seven-time Pro Bowler marked a one-year, $15 million arrangement with New England that purportedly accompanied a $20 million group choice for 2020.

He was relied upon to join the Patriots this week for their Sunday matchup against the Miami Dolphins.


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