Rey Vargas Boxes Past Tomoki Kameda For Unanimous Decision

Nobility Health Sports Park, Carson, Los Angeles – For the WBC super bantamweight title, Rey Vargas (34-0, 22 KOs) held his belt with an intense twelve round consistent choice over required challenger and interval champion Tomoki Kameda (36-3, 20 KOs). Each of the three judges had it 117-110.Vargas was falling off a twelve round consistent choice over Franklin Manzanilla in February. Vargas was down in the second found of that battle.

What’s more, Kameda battled in Japan back in November, when he prevailed upon a twelve round choice Abigail Medina to win the WBC between time title at 122-pounds. Coming in, Kameda had won five battles in succession since losing consecutive choices to Jamie McDonnell at bantamweight.Vargas and Kameda had recently battled when they were exceptionally youthful beginners – with Vargas winning a predominant choice in the unpaid positions.

The fight got off to a fast start. Kameda was much faster with his hands and feet. He landed solid right hands that Vargas felt. Vargas was trying to use the jab and wanted to keep the fight at distance to set up bigger punches.The second round was close, with Kameda landing the flashier punches and Vargas being very active with both hands. Vargas did better in the third, with his long punches and jab.

Kameda had the edge in the fourth, with some solid head shots. Vargas had a better fifth, with consistent punching and jabbing. He was also able to avoid the right hands of Kameda. The sixth was another close round, where both boxers did solid work in a tactical fight.Vargas’ jab and his combinations controlled the seventh round. Kameda applied a lot more pressure in the eight, as he was looking to get inside and good shots. In the ninth, Kameda was getting outworked by the busier Vargas.

In the tenth, Vargas continued to showcase his workrate, and he was able to avoid most of the big shots from Kameda. The jab continued to pester Kameda in the eleventh, and he was having issues getting inside with hard shots.During the twelfth, Kameda lost a point for unsportsmanlike conduct, when he hit Vargas as the referee was breaking them up. Kameda was doing most of punching, with Vargas sensing that he was well ahead on the cards and looking to run out the clock.(source)

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