Sales Of Egg Yolk Lecithin Is Likely To Exceed Revenues Worth US$ 480 Million By 2029-End

The market for egg yolk lecithin will expand favourably as a result of consumer demand for non-GMO lecithin and manufacturers’ need to get non-GMO components. The benefits of egg yolk lecithin have boosted demand, which has decreased the difficulties in creating ingredient lists to include more straightforward, all-natural, and allergen-free goods.

The study by Fact.MR reveals that the egg yolk lecithin market value shall register an impressive CAGR ~ 6% during the forecast period of 2019-2029.

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The regulatory support from agencies like the European Commission and the food and drug administrations of numerous countries, including the United States, India, and Japan, has further fueled the upward trend in demand for enzyme supplements, which will accelerate the rise.

Due to the fluctuating price of eggs, which is influenced by the effects of bird flu and the improper use of insecticides to kill chicken fleas, the price of their byproducts, such as egg yolk lecithin, is at risk of rising. This will partially restrain the egg yolk lecithin market’s potential expansion in the future.

The demand for egg yolk lecithin is expected to continue to grow in the coming years due to the increasing popularity of food additives and rising demand for healthier food products. Egg yolk lecithin is widely used as an emulsifier in a variety of food products and has a lowfat content, making it an ideal choice for healthconscious consumers. The increasing demand for convenience foods and processed foods is also contributing to the growth of the egg yolk lecithin market. Furthermore, the rising awareness about the health benefits of using natural ingredients in food is also driving the demand for egg yolk lecithin. Additionally, the growing demand for energy drinks, nutrition bars, and other sports nutrition products is expected to propel the growth of the egg yolk lecithin market in the coming years.

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Key Companies Expanding their Global Footprint Through Developing Economies.

The companies in the egg yolk lecithin market have employed intelligent strategies to establish themselves as the monopoly holders in the market with strategic acquisitions and geographical expansion into newer markets.

Merck KgaA acquired around 5 companies in the last 5 years in a bid to increase its production and technological capabilities. The company acquired Intermolecular Inc., in Sept 2019, Bssn Software in Aug 2019, and Versum Materials Inc. in April 2019.

Another key player in the market, Cargill Inc. strategically invested in Asian and Latin American markets, so as to improve its footprints in the egg yolk lecithin markets in these regions. The company recently invested more than US$ 500 Mn in various Asian markets including Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines etc.

Cargill also invested $150 Mn in 2018 in the Brazilian market to become one of the largest food ingredient company in the region.

Royal DSM upgraded its production facility in China to meet the demand of egg yolk lecithin in the region, while Fresnius Kabi AG expanded its production in North Carolina, USA, with a US$100 Mn investment.

Companies are also keeping a tab on developing egg yolk lecithin-based products, which fulfil certain claims and certifications. For example, Nikko Chemicals announced launch of Halal-certified cosmetic ingredients in August 2019.

Continuous research is carried out, both by corporations and individuals to utilize egg yolk lecithin to its full potential. One such example of such research is development of anesthesia for dogs carried out in 2014.

Researchers have also developed lecithin-based nanoparticles, which may prove to be a breakthrough product causing a tectonic shift in the realms of egg yolk lecithin market.

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