Which business’ have benefitted during the global pandemic?

The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has virtually halted the world’s business across virtually every industry, in fact it has been that bad for business that in the UK, the economy shrunk by 20% in Q2 of 2020, the biggest shrink on record. Many will find this time of lockdown unrecoverable and one that will send many into bankruptcy, however, there has been a coupe winners during the lockdown period and today we access how and why should business have benefitted from the period of uncertainty.

One industry that is only going to be on the rise post-lockdown is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) companies; one of the most spoken about industries just lockdown. Demand has been on record levels for them, and nations that usually rely on imports from other countries such as China have noticeably fallen short when it comes to supplying their own employees. Usually, all PPE has expiry dates and constant flow of fresh supplies is always needed – and with the way the world has changed forever due to Coronavirus, we cannot see the demand for PPE slowing down.

Another industry that has done well due to the lockdown restrictions has been the online casinos found here. Due to many finding themselves locked up at home and not many ways of entertaining themselves, online casinos have seen a rise in traffic due to this being one of very few outlets that can be enjoyed in the comfort in your own home. Some specific casinos, as per the one links also guarantee that your gaming will never be limited by the likes of Gamstop – a scheme in place to prevent the number of players per casino.

The final business in which we look into that have seen a rise since the start of lockdown has been online movie streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Since the beginning of lockdown, both streaming services have reported an increase in subscribers and with their content ever changing, it doesn’t look like a trend that’s going to slow down; very similar to the online casino trend.

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